The first night —

We had a very strong feeling that we really had to leave our bungalow once more and find a bar to get a drink. Since we were staying in one of the calmest resorts the only way out is a little trail leaving the place through the forest to the other side. So we followed the path till we found a bar.

After a few drinks, our world was spinning, the bar closing and the night dark. So we made our way back to our bungalow. How little did we know about jungle: as soon as we entered the little forest there was not the slightest source of light. Luckily the sand was really white, so if you looked straight ahead and really concentrated on not looking at the path you would actually see a little bit of a contrast between the path and the jungle. This doesn’t mean you can see roots or stones on the way, so watch your toes...

Alexis just held on to my shirt with two fingers and followed closley and somehow we made it back to our bungalow missing all the other crossings that we didn’t know off!

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