and a 48-hour trip from up north down south —

We were going to meet up with Evelyn and Franco on a little island down south called Koh Mook (why the fuck would you go to an island that is not even listed in our climbing guide?)

We took one of those fancy pancy VIP busses back to Bangkok changed there to another one and went straight down to Krabi. The fucked up thing about these VIP busses is that they drop you off at some family-owned restaurant place or even a tourist agency that you can be sure is nowhere near anything. So you have to take a taxi to actually get somewhere and of course newly arrived tourists are a welcome gift for the overpriced taxis. But not with us!

Which involved a nice walk with all the gear to the next local busstation, that happened to be on the opposite side of Krabi.

From there, the transportation got smaller and smaller: first the local bus, then a school bus with a lot of little kids where we just fitted somwhere in the trunk on to a farry with a little motorbike till we got to a little port were a longtail boat would take us to Koh Mook.

After 48 hours, we arrived in a honeymoon resort with about as much cash as it would take for one night’s stay and dinner. No ATM, no bank and no phoneconnection. How the heck are we supposed to find our friends?

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