It's been way to long since Zeke and I travelled together, but enough is enough, we are
on the road again. For a 3 months adventure with the aim to get high — as high as 6000 on some nice climbs.

«Cordillera Blanca in Péru seemed like the right place to go.»

We landed in Lima a few days ago, it turned out to be a grey city with noise all around. Thanks to our jetlag we could at least enjoy the only hour of silence at 5 a.m. — as for the rest of the day, it seems like this city is winning the worldcup in football todos los dias (everyday).

On our desperate search for a good coffee (impossible) we found coffee shops selling coke, what the heck do we need that for, we are out for a natural high anyhow. So we didn't wait long to get ahead. Next stop Huaraz, with 3091m already high enough to get your lungs and heart working. A teasing view of the mountains tops the cities streets filled with live. Colors, culture, markets and awesome hats. Not to forget, the live stock of cavias at every corner for a nice dinner. This will be our base for the trips into the mountains.

Soon there is one tick more to make on my bucket list, can't wait for it.

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