Benjamin's second recommendation was Janyaraju, and since my stomach felt better after
10 days on and off stomach cramping, sweating and no sleep, we were desperate for some action! Hanging around the hostel in Huaraz is not much fun.

We have to gain more then 1000 m to our camp and I have to admit, 10 days of fasting is not the best preparation, especially if you have to carry a 25 kg backpack. Nevertheless this hike up to Laguna Mullaca is the most beautiful we did so far, specially after you get over the little crest to the valley that leads up to Mullaca and the camp to climb Janyaraju. The little stream that finds his way thru the meadows looks just magnificent in the late afternoon sun and once you're on the Zic-Zac path you walk in this little patches of forest — just incredible.

We didn't make it up to the Laguna on the first day. Once on the Zic-Zac path my speed slowed down below turtle speed, my energy was gone. I had no food left in my belly. Luckily, Seev found a nice spot, dropped his pack and speeded down to fetch mine. Man, was I glade to get that devil lifted from my shoulders — my hero of the day! Our sleeping spot was one
of a kind. A huge boulder behind, a beautiful sunset in front and next to a little stream in middle of a magical forest. One hell of a way to enjoy a nice dinner and a good nights-rest. The next day would be a relaxing one, to get some strength back and it was only a cat jump left.

We were sooo wrong. The last bit squeezed all the freshly gained energy right out the window. I had to take so many "Photobreaks" that it took us almost the whole day to get to our camp. But I have to say, the two Lagunas and the view is well worth the hike. It felt good to take it slow. Once at camp we got rewarded with yet another incredible sunset thru the clouds and rain patches down in the valley. The red sky would mean bad weather tomorrow, but that didn't really matter anymore since I was in need of another rest day anyway.

That night my stomach started cramping again. It's even worse when you're weak and in need of some proper rest. To cut a long story short, there was no way I'd be able to climb anything during the next days. To risk one of those attacks during a climb is just not worth it, so the only option is back to Huaraz and get my stomach in order. Still there is this itch in me that wants the summit badly. Being there and having to admit that you are not able to do it, 'cause your body doesn't play along, is a real pain in the ass. But I guess the beauties of the hike evened that out, although the big pack wouldn't have been necessary!

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