A perfect day at the end of the year — you wake up to a most magnificent appearing of the sun, turn around and doze of for another hour till the rays of sunlight grow stronger and it is save to unwind yourself of your cocoon of warmth. COFFEE!

The sun is not out for long this time a year so a little spawn of hectic gets loose. It quickly dies of as the coffee boils up. Nothing over a fresh taste of coffee! It's time to leave the cave for some action.

The rock is not warm but it's not cold either. The little sun it gets seams to be just enough to warm it to that one temperature that just grips. Perfect friction.

The live of a cave man is simple as it gets. Climb all day, collect firewood, hunt for food and in the evening when the dark rolls in you enjoy all o fit around a big and warm fire. Sometimes doh, you have to hold your breath and jump into the sea, so others wan't have to hold their breath. It's actually rather refreshing. Cold but nice. It's when you get out of the water that it becomes a pain.

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