Stockholm was big fun, a bit to lazy.. but that was fine! Well, we didn't eat all the stones up there, actually we saw less cracks than we had in mind. But nevermind, it was great! We met a lot of friends again, half of them on purpose :) Big thanks to Dunken, who gave us three homeless wenches a place to stay... I, as a usual city detesting person really have to say that stockholm is not something common. Fast changing weather, a lot of green, a lot of strange people with a even stranger language ;) and everywhere birds (sing - 'cause I like _birds_) no not those fuck up doves, sea gulls! For somebody from a landlocked country thats really something special. Coffee Shops, thats something to metion as well, especially for so lazy fags as we were. Where in other cities the small shops are not able to survive in sweden they somehow found a way to do it... Shit I'm too tired, this post is to be continued,...

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