i have to admit, i was quit puzzled. not to say in shock. my legs and hands were shaking, as i stood next to seev. he was looking pale and with wide open eyes at me — asking me if i'm all right. totally blocking out the other people i answer:

«yes — but another cup of tea would be nice. i think.»

slowly it settles in and i start realizing what just happend. i know i hit my shoulder and my head. maybe my ankle is twisted. THE TEA TASTS FABULOUS! FUCK! i just fell 4 meters to the ground and i'm just standing there next to seev on my feet.

somehow i lost balance while getting ready to put in my first ice screw, i tried to hack in my axes but they wouldn't hold. so i fall backwards bounce of the rock face behind me back on to the ice fall and then down to a little icey ledge where i bounce once more and finally land on my feet next to seev. like i've never left.

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