If you have the problem of not getting enough attention I’ve got a solution for you. Go and buy a cheap motorbike and ride to Georgia —  you will be the center of attention there :). They don’t really have motorbikes, I don’t really know why. I have seen a few but most of them are in bad shape. Although I am kinda unlucky at the moment I really enjoy the time. Unlucky according to: Lost my bank card, lost my number plate on a trip and (shh, don’t tell anyone)
I left a window open and the wind smashed it. The glass of the smashed window put a big hole through my sleeping bag but there is no reason to complain, life in Georgia is quite simple, the way I like it. Like, sometimes there is water sometimes not, sometimes even hot water. You don’t even have to worry about a washing machine or a bus time schedule, there is none. Khachapuri or Chinkali are the main dishes for every time of the day. There is one thing you should watch out, not to get in one of those evening feasts. Because you are expected to drink at every toast and what I have heard they toast on everything on the planet just to get drunk. If you speak russian and have dollars in your pocket you have no problem get around. Most of them are really honest people. Even with my 2 word knowledge I got round and only a few guys tricked me and charged too much. The border from Russia to Georgia is closed. Foreigners are not allowed to cross, which means you have to come from Turkey or go over Aserbaidschan. I guess because Georgia has a recommendation of being dangerous, tourism had problems to develop itself in this country. That and fact that they got really nice mountains makes this country really interesting for me. But hey friends, if I ever get back to this country I take a one or two of you with me, rent a “Lada Niva” here and go and hit the peaks! Ok, enough about mountains, what else has this country got? I must admit
I usually feel in historical places like an ice bear in the Sahara. But the guy who was in charge to place the churches in this country did an amazing good job. Usually remote and with a spectacular view. And in the mountain villages you find loads of those watchtowers. These were refuge places in war and nature crisis. They were also the reason that during war these remote villages were able to stay independent. I always thought “Caucasus” of being a mediteran region — I was quite mistaken.

There are many places which look like Switzerland. But there is one big difference, something I have only seen in this country and nowhere else in this extent — Cows, horses, pigs, ducks, chicken, dogs, cats, sheep there are freaking many animals on the roads and they give a fuck about you and your wish to pass. Georgia I can really recommend, it’s not dangerous at all except for a few roads of what I hear. If you come here just watch out a little and you will have no problems. Just not like the common Russian quote I heard here: White people, have money but no brains. Thanks Kasia and Christy for your hospitality!

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