Still in Pakistan, the situation doesn’t get better. Weekly attacks from the Taliban in all the major cities. And Pakistan is answering with heavy artillery. I don’t think that as a tourist you are in danger here. If it hits you it hits you, everywhere at anytime. Therefore I extended
my visa and will stay longer in this country — I like it here. But, I finally stopped rolling. After fixing the bike in Lahore I was able to ride 500 km further until the next breakdown. Although without bike I went north anyway, from Abottabad I took the bus north on the KKH, the Karakorum Highway. Why this road is marked as a highway I don’t know, because on a highway you are usually able to drive fast. And this road is going most of the time along an abyss where a vehicle could fall between one and two hundred meters down. Road condition — pretty bad, but nevertheless an amazing way through the mountains. I entered this country down south west, through the hot desert and now north in the mountains it snowed down to 3000 meter. In Gilgit, I met Dan a guy from America. But a special one, I get along with him quite well. He travelled through China with a local bought bike and got rid of it at the border. We both were lazy as hell the last few month and decided to join for some trekking. The Fairy Meadow trekking to the basecamp of Nanga Parbat was the target. From the KKH up to the first camp site it is 14 km small road along the canyon. Privat owned. They charge 4000 rupees for the jeep drive up. For this price you can easily live for a week or longer in this country so we decided to walk. We met some landscape photographers up there, brought up by porters and horse. So it felt really good to have done all the way by ourself. But except for those weird guys not many people were up there. It was already quite cold and snowed one night. Nanga Parbat and the surroundings were impressive. And there is one thing I can promise, I will be back for this mountain! Next target, Pasu (further north), for some more trekking. I made the decision to leave India for another trip. Bouldering in Hampi will be another time … I took a flight from Pakistan to BKK on Friday the 13th :)

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