Back in Krabi, Ton Sai

— we went climbing, ok, we isn’t really correct, ’cause my two lazy fellas wouldn’t do much more than hanging around on the bungalow porch. So there was
only one thing to do, go climbing anyhow, I met two Irish girls Mary and Edwina. Radical Ed. We decided to join for further travelling and we went together to Bali.

The flight was kinda early in the morning so Ed and I went to the airport the evening before, about 8 hours before departure. Quite awhile before the plane left we went to the passport control where we were informed that Ed’s overstay ’caused a few problems and to solve
this matter it took too long. Even running to the gates didn’t help. We missed the plane. It was possible to change the booking to the next day but Ed’s visa for thailand ran out the same day, so the only possebility was to stay in the duty free zone until the next flight went.

Damn shit, during this time I realised how long it can take for the time to pass. In addition it was damn cold, and we didn’t have our luggage.

«We had to spend 32 hours in the Bangkok Airport!»

I finished my trip with a month in Bali surfin, or lets say tryin to surf :). The whole month we stayed in Kuta, damn annoying city but best place to get fast to all the spots. Except for a few bars, like the Twice Bar and Drunken Monkey were all the places fucked up, house and
party music everywhere. But all the people I met made more than up for it. And as soon as you get out of the tourist part of Bali the island gets really nice. Broke and back home
now — have to get used to it. But I already got some further trips in my mind for summer or/and autumn. Have fun, see you round :)

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