«Buenos Aires is a huge fucking city.
12 to 13 millions is
a number of people which my head has difficulties to take.»

We arrived at 10 pm local time at the airport of Buenos Aires and took a taxi to our hostel. The only wish, was sleep and a quiet place. When we arrived at 11 o'clock after 24 h of traveling and nearly no sleep, we directly dropped into the hostels party. Drunken backpackers and loud musik was definitely not the things we could use, and a little bit to much for our condition. After a short waiting period we got our key and fell directly into a deep sleep.

Next morning we decided to do a guided tour to boca, a colourful part of the city with a interesting history. Actually we would never do a city tour, but this time we thought it would be ok, and it was. Little too touristic for our taste, but what did we expect. friday was discovering day, we just walked in all kinds of directions and found our most favorite lunch time restaurant in buenos aires. They serve one thing and one thing only, beef and salad! Three guys and three tasks. grill, serve and being the boss. Tables are old and the place is not as clean as most would wish, but the food is awesome. And thats what it's all about! (Al Carbon Sueno, av. de mayo 746, Buenos Aires) Saturday is packing day and and taking the bus to Villa la Angostura. 20h Bus drive, we will see.

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