«Never forget to bring your helmet for multi pitch routs — it's just not worth it!!!»

I climbed this really nice and easy multi pitch rout with paul the other day and I don't know what rid me but I didn't bring the helmets. PLAIN STUPIDNESS!

After all this pictures of the old climbers in the old magazines, in the chocolateria there is this treasure chest full of old climbing magazines and the climbers in there not wearing anything at all really. I mean compared to nowadays standards. Climbing cracks at home or even in Thailand, were you just didn't need a helmet. Well I don't know. Fact is I didn't bring the helmets and on the way down just as Paul was pulling the rope the last time two big junks of rock loosened up and came down. One of them hitting my right upper arm! Damn! That wasn't really necessary.

Hmmm, I guess a smoke and a nice piece of half a kilo lomo (smoothest filet) and the best, black browny covered with dulce the leche and toped of with ice cream, desert ever made quite a good treat for it!

If your in el Chalten i recommend you to go to COMO VACA

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