FUCK! That’s what I call a mega city! Sao Paulo is mind blowing. We spent the last two and a half month in small towns, little cities and wild nature. Now we are in the middle of a 20 million metro pole on the rooftop of a 22 story building, and all what we can see is "city". The food and the people are amazing, Melina and Felipe (our hosts) gave everything to show us the best they know. From good restaurants and bars, to nice museums and even sport stadiums which are very important. After 3 days we left to a random place we found on google maps. We saw a small town on a beach, and possible surf.

Small town, beautiful nature and no waves. — OK, lets camp and wait, like we did so many times before. There is a surf shop, they must have waves here.

«The waves came, big and strong, mustache in the sand!»

The first two day of surfing where very hard, and sleeping in a snow tent on a tropical beach is not very comfortable as well. And then BOOM on the street. We met Juliano, a Brazilian skater and surfer whom we know from his trips to Switzerland. How the fuck does that work. You go to the smallest town you find on a map, and you meet someone you know pretty well from the other side of the world. Crazy but awesome. He has a small house in the forest and knows this place since he was a kid. That means hidden beaches, waterfalls in the middle of the jungle and he makes a pretty good surf instructor too! Wicked week.

Back to Sao Paulo we spend the last days of our trip with eating, party and shopping.

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