«Arriving in Ushuaia
I had this immediate urge to drink
beer — a lot of beer.»

But no we had to go and find a hostel first. Apparently Ushuaia is quite booked out.
They told us fraces like «Oh, good luck with that!», «It's all booked out!», «It took me seven hostels till I found one!»... Hmm, no idea what that was about, we found a place rather quick tossed our bags and Alexis, the french clown (Ben) and me were heading to the Dublin (The Irish Pub we just passed on the way up). And because we run into Luc on the way we took him with us too. No escaping!

We've been to the end of the WORLD and got pissed!

A heavy tomcat, a shower, a haircut and a new pant with no holes later made me feel
human again!

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