So I was out at the Ularu tourists parking lot and no one was willing to pick me up… Well what the heck I have food , I have water and I have a skateboard. I mean I can as good just do what I came here for! So I started skateboarding in the middle of the Outback and once It was time for lunch — I had to realize that I forgot all my food in the fridge that morning. Well keep on skating, keep on skating, keep on skating…

Once I run out of water too, the hole thing wasn’t so funny no more. And I guess I must have looked kind a lost, holding my last empty water bottle in one hand and my skateboard in the other.

«You look kinda fucked! Need a lift?»

Just in that moment when I slowly realized what an empty water bottle actually means a car stopped next to me and the couple offered me a lift to the next roadhouse.

I was able to charge up and refill my water bottles and ‘cause it’s only 20 klicks to the next roadhouse and I’m none the wiser I hit the road again. Till I couldn’t even stand on my board anymore. Apparently I missed the second roadhouse — How the heck do you miss a freaking roadhouse?

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