Sometimes you see a mountain and you just have to climb it. This was the case for Seev and me when we first saw Nevado Andavite — he was just standing there in the middle, splitting the valley in two. We had no idea what would be waiting for us up there, but we knew we could always retreat if it gets hairy. And so without even knowing it was already decided that we would abandon our original plan and climb Andavite instead. The only thing left to do was a closer look and choosing a line.

«There is something deeply satisfying about climbing a mountain after just looking
at it»

and if climbed with minimal gear it becomes something really pure. A very emotional state of mind just between you and the mountain. Nothing stopping you but your own ability to move on. Not being used to this kind of altitude your heart starts pumping real hard and the breathing goes heavier and heavier, till you feel like an old man on an endless staircase and you have to stop every few meters to catch your breath. Concentration gets harder and your legs get weaker, but you can't loose your balance cause there is nothing that would hold you back from falling down the face. Finaly reaching the summit all of your irrational mind battles are long forgotten. We did it and it's all good. Our minds are at peace and all we have to do is enjoy the view!

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