After the hiking it was finally time to hit some mountains. We chose the Quebrada Cayesh as a base over 4200 m with a lot of nice climbs nearby — perfect for a good acclimatization. We packed for over a week and left behind whatever we could, even COFFEE! Those fat packs were close to 30 kilos, so we were out for a tough time. Luckily the way to our camp was not too steep, however on the few parts the trail goes slightly uphill it really starts grinding you down. I've got a devil on my shoulder! Anyhow, the day after was already a day off to enjoy the scenery. A mountain valley where you slip easily into daydreaming, beautiful peaks all around, horses and cows roaming freely. But when you wake up you realize that one of those bastard cows nicked the bag with olive oil.

The first peak should be an easy one, so Nev. Maparaju 5300 m was the choice. According to the guidebook you're supposed to end up on a summit with a photogenic view. We left camp at 4 o'clock and we had to find a mule trail in a labyrinth of cow trails, hardly possible in the dark. With only one working headlamp we got lost in the bushes a couple of times. A little pissed off and with frozen fingers we reached the edge of the glacier while the sun was rising. This at least brought our fingers back to life.

While we climbed the final slope

«we found ourselves in a white out»

since there was only one way to go we continued and when there was no more to climb we assumed to be on the summit and enjoyed the spectacular view of — well, white in white. We stayed a while, hoped for a change, in vain. As we descended back down to the plateau the sky opened up and we realized that we didn't even reach the summit. Who cares, being high was the important thing and the climb was more of a hike anyway.

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