My friends Oskar, Simon and even Lucian told me, that if I wanna get a bike and since my way to work is kind a flat anyway, I should get a fixed one!

Well I was in london last weekend and Sara took me to this shope in bricke lane! the Bricke Lane Bicycle Shop. It opened quite late so even we were to early :p but once you enter the shop you're just amazed! The hole shop is filled with bicycle parts! Kinda like a Rollladen for bicycles, and the staff is really nice! Aviva helped me to choose my the parts, well she basicly recomended me stuff (not to expensive but strong) and I choosed colors, cause I don't know nothing about bikes, I didn't even bike for about 10 years maybe?

So I choosed all the parts and one of their mecanics was set for a mission, it was a saturday (the weekend is really busy) and I had to fly back to Zürich on monday! (unfortunatly I forgot his name, sorry!) but he did a really great job! He builded it up on saturday, and sunday morning we just had do cut the handelbars, and then he even let me go for a ride, befor he took it apart again and packed it all into the huge box! (that I wasnt allowd to bring on the bus!)

«and this is what came out of it»

A bob jackson handmade frame from enland, with green wheels! :D

I'm so happy like a little kid on xmas! There is just one thing that irritates me a bit, the chain makes some wired noise like if I would be changeing gear, but there is none!

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