I finaly managed to find a pair of skiboots on thursday, so i called up seev and the mission was set: 2 day ski trip! Since we have an iceclimbing guide but not a skitour guid that will have to do... Seev found us a nice ice rout with a good skitouring access, internet - ready - set - GO!

As usual it wasn't early at all when we left the car about 12 o'clock. First goal was the Val Piumogun the ice climbing place, from where you start the hike to the different peaks. It's amazing up there and so quite! (It really drags you into a sertain calmness.)

Somehow Pizzo Campo Tencia was in our minds even that it's clearly out of our league, well anything really is... We desided to aim for the best looking one, Pizzo Campoluno, that would be our goal for the next morning. Today we would keep going till night brakes and dig a snowhole to be protected from the wind. (Hopefully somewhere where we would be able to see the sunrise, next morning.)

For dinner there was pasta in a bouillon soupe, some cheese and bread and then the night! Fucking hell I am sweating way to much my ass and feet where still wet and thats a killer if your sleeping bag is not matching the sercumstances! Like 12 to 15 degree below zero! Even the freaking gascooker wasn't working anymore!

It's funny how nights get long when you freez and you allways keep moveing just to not get frostbitten!

«And it just didn't wanna dawn!»

The next morning the gas cooker still wouldn't work for breakfast so we desided to start the climb and eat as soon as we hit sunlight. We didn't aim for the peak of Pizzo Campolungo since it wouldn't make any sense with the skis anyway. So we went as far as a nice "Schneewächte" for a hot cup of buillon.

The desent was pretty hard for beeing the first one this year but we managed..

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