I'm sitting in a train - in about 20 min the train will take me home. The train is already on the track and I'm looking for a seat in the still empty train. A woman enters at the same time. She takes her seat in a further row. The impression I'm getting from her face is telling me that she seems to think the same; The hope of a fast time progress to get home as fast as possible.

The question is, how to forget the time? The answer is — TALK TO SOMEONE!

It does not matter to who you talk to. I could go to this woman and ask her, if she would like to chat. (No, you may think that I'm looking for someone, but I already have a wonderful girlfriend) According to the interest in talking you will get a positive or negative answer ;) . It's worth a try. I know the problem, it was not my behavior in the past neither. But here in Switzerland it seems that nobody is interested in communication. I saw other cultures at in a few it's definitely different. Well, I think it’s a pity. The same human behavior I notice every morning, everyone around knows that the train will be full, but you and I take a seat which is as less occupied as possible and a few seconds later may a strange dumb person takes the seat next or in front of you. To prevent that you could sit to a (seems like) sympatic person. Using the public transport is a great possibility to meet or just exchange a few thoughts with someone.

The people who know me do know well that I'm not an extrovert person. I've got such problems since I was a youngster. But I'm trying to change my behavior. You can try easier things then just talking to somebody, as an example — just try not to look away when another person looks at you. Talking brings you nearer to other humans, removes the distance. If your personality is like mine you want to do it right in a friendship, you think about how close a person is to you and change your way of saying hi or goodbye. I know a lot of people who are important to me but only with a few I've got no uncertainty in those simple greeting forms. Why not just ask,.. I dunno.

«Meet as much people as you can»

this message was scratched in a filthy bed of a hostel in LA. This guy was right, except you are a hermit and you have found the peace in being alone. :)

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