hm, I really wanted to write this article earlier, actually I did it more than once but each time I wasn’t happy with it and saved it as draft. Well I hope I will be ready to upload it today. The thing is this article should be about life and the worth of it - to express yourself that the reader has got your point is quite difficult,… but fu** it, I’ve got to do it. It’s a strange world today, loads of people - to much for a small poor planet like ”ours”, or lets say like the one one which we live. (thats an other thing, the POSSESSION of things like territories, parking spaces, fruits how can anybody say an object is his own? Why can’t I use my neighbors parking space or his garage, car, fridge content, shoes or wife anyway. In the beginning, which we don’t really know no human has owned a dime. But I can keep that for another article) Where was I, shit I’ve got to order my thoughts again. Ah, the unbearable situation of the world,… In my opinion it’s not possible to avoid a crash for the human existence. We are too much, we use too much and therefor we destroy too much. Action - Reaction the world is looking for balance like everything else and the balance will be there again. The way to this point will be quite a low-altitude flight for the population statistics. How will it happen? You can throw a dice - virus, meteor, world-war 3, pop songs - whatever. If we are gone for good well then, farewell. But if a few survive it will not be bad for them. Look at the world today - no manners, lost cultures, money, jealous about everything - they only can make it better. May they even can take back their sexual desire and in that way they doesn’t spread or overpopulate. The actual human behavior isn’t really appropriate but that remembers me to a text part in Hitchhiker’s guide through galaxy. After Ford Perfect has explained that the planet will only exist about 2 million years the “captain” just answers: Well, still time for a few more baths. Could someone pass me the sponge. I can accept the believe of others that we will find a solution for those problems may like the atom-bomb as an ending of the japanese war. But what does the believe of an unavoidable change of human existence mean for someone like me. Will I change my lifestyle because of that, shall start some kind of suicide sect? That brings the question back - what are you, I, we living for. I don’t walk through the world and smash everything I see because I think it’s lost. But the way back to the stone-age like a life in a cave without electricity neither can help it. I prefer something which is not extreme you can also call it lazy. Why change your life if the big change will come then let’s see what will happen. Move on like you had, change yourself when you have to change or when the change really makes a difference. Accept the things you cannot change, change the things you can change and try to reach wisdom to know the difference. Happen things can’t be bad because of a simple reason - you have to live with them, you can’t go back and make it different. Anyway, I’m interested what will happen. It’s 1 a.m in the morning, my girlfriend is already sleeping at my side and my mind is empty, time to refurbish yourself may the next article has less sarcastic in it. sleep well & sayonara

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