for me, paragliding keeps getting more exciting from day to day. i've been gliding since one and a half year - still learning, though... no license yet. but the day to prove my skills is gonna come soon. i haven't been in a hurry from the very start. i kept saying to me that it's not just about the license. and going out to fly somewhere on your own is boring anyway - that's what makes it cool to fly with paraworld: like-minded everywhere.

«i've gathered quite a few unforgettable experiences during the time passed.»

i remember one special day with two flights on december 31 in 2010: the year was ending, nice weather and a take off site at the top of Gemsstock in Andermatt at about 3000m amsl. landing point is near the village in Andermatt at 1400m amsl. this has been my first and only high alpine experience with my piece of cloth so far.

in may 2011 i came across my first real feeling of success. Rossberg had been announced as the flying region by my school. i just though "hell no"! Rossberg as the take off site is well known for its infamous steepness to be climbed up before take off. once being there i did two flights and was in a serious conflict whether to go up once more or not... well, i bore the torture - 3rd flight that day. take off height at Rossberg is at about 1100m. during the ride up a few young Zurich students claimed that they've found the best thermals up there... "whatsoever, babies" i said to myself. after having lost a few drops of sweat i did the whole take off procedure as quick as i could. you need to imagine that the take off place is facing in the opposite direction of the landing site, so, once in the air, you'll have to turn left over a ridge and then you can see the landing site. now - these babies - they were even quicker than i was with the whole take off thing but i followed them only a few minutes later.

they headed straight to that point where they expected their predicted thermals. i know from others that there may be good conditions but once over that ridge i mentioned before - wow!! a smooth and steady vertical drag with like up to 5 m/s. one other guy followed me, all the others just kept scratching the hill but never really gained altitude.

i just went on turning and turning. finally it was getting a little fresh because i forgot my gloves. at the peak of my journey i scratched too, but not on hill but on the basis of little cumulus cloud! what a feeling!! i reached just slightly over the 2000m level, did a few turns up there, and, for god's sake, forgot to count all lakes that i saw.

i was freezing a little and decided to put my feet back on the ground. my colleague up there (his name was also michael :-) ) did a spiral from 2000m almost down to the ground. i didn't have the skills yet - i could only do ears... it was indeed kind of hard to lose altitude.

«time flew as i did and once landed, i took a look at my vario: more than one hour!!
i think, this being my first contact with the forces of nature, i'll never forget this one!!
what a day!!»

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