«Finally, we made it last weekend,
a multi pitch route CLEAN!»

(Climbing without bolts, self- placed protection)

Ok, we already free soloed (no protection at all) the mountain "Altmann" this year, and we have also done ridge climbing without protection but the occasion was special anyway.

The week before we only wanted to do a sport multi pitch on the mountain "Lidernen". But when we arrived at the cable car the parking was damn full. Zeke and I tick the same way when it comes to a mass of people - so we were turning the car on the parking, stopped for a moment to decide what to do. But we could not discuss it 'cause a moment later an old woman opened the door and told us in a pissed off tone that we could not park our car like this. No hello, no nothing. We both were kinda transfixed, not expecting that way of speaking of an elderly woman. Our only response was that we were already leaving again. I still could hit me for not starting to criticize her directly for her hostile kind way of talking to customer. Her job was to collect the parking fee for the cable car parking. We were not in climbing mood and went for visiting people and hanging around the whole rest of the day.

Since I'm going to school again, my days off are only at weekends. At the days everybody is outside on the rocks climbing. But last weekend went awesome.

We went to Susten, thats a place in Switzerland where not many people are climbing. Although it was good weather, that Saturday we were the only ones around that mountain range. It was only up 5c+ but really nice climbing but that was enough, I was not feeling well.  Anyhow, we climbed the pitches of the mountain and rappelled again. It's amazing that you still can find it that way, all alone in the mountains, in Switzerland.

Well, it's a tick more behind the list of things to do. The whole year was great. First Northwall, Free solo, Clean Climbing and quite a lot of climbing by the way.  Sometimes it's great to be reminded how nice life can be!

«Let's see what comes next, keep going!»

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