I really thought hard about it if I should write you about it. It’s true and could happen to anybody. Therefore nothing to be ashamed of :). I was up in the Rila Mountains for a bit of hiking on my own — alone. It was getting late afternoon, a bit rainy. I deceded to stay in a shelter they built in the mountains (~2500 m.s.l.). Those shelters are small huts nice and cosy, they have space for about 8 people. I was hungry after the day but I had a weird stomach after I eat a chickensoup the day before. I deceded to prepare my pasta. I just fixed the stove and the water to boil when my stomach started to rumble. I had time for a short thought of running out but I knew it by then that it would be too late. I HAD TO take the shit in the middle of the hut. I was really glad that I was alone, it would have been too embarrassing. And like that I owned nobody any explanation and had time to clean everything up. Luckily the hut was right next to a small lake. The second time I was more prepared. I just finished my meal and ran out of the hut. But outside the whole thing was much more easy ’cause the rain did most of the cleaning work. Thanks to Loperamid (Immodium) I had an easy night. The next day I descended from the shelter. I came across 10 people who went for the place
I was the night before. I thanked God that they were not up on the shelter the same day!

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