It was hot and I was actually damn lazy. I met my friend, Sneki, there. We did actually nothing more than eating, reading, meeting friends and relatives of her and went to pools. Even a hot water pool. Before I left Serbia I kissed the ground with my bike. As usual I decided to leave when it was rainy.

«I’m only happy
when it rains,
I’m only happy
when it’s complicated»

by Garbage

Near Bro I rode down a small street with curves. I had to break quite quickly because of a hard turn. It happend that fast, I was not able to react properly. On sand and water my front wheel slipped away and I hit the ground. I damaged one of the boxes, got a few scratches and a swollen leg but I guess it could be worse. The box is still on the bike, but the question is for how long, after every ride it gets worse. The weather prevented me of reaching Sofia the same day. I had to safe myself of the heavy rainshower and thunder and retreated in a big ramshackle building of a company from the 80’s. I’m planning to write something about the stray dogs (of Serbia and Bulgaria), but I guess I’ve got to be in the mood for that. Just some kind of travelling behavior: If the only thing you got is a bike and yourself and you’re in a foreign country. You start to make precautions if you stay somewhere overnight. Like you placing yourself, and your stuff somewhere where nobody else can get to easily and where your bike is in view. Your keeping the most important stuff in your sleeping bag. You even may place some kind of protection near you, depends on the place your staying and how paranoid you are.

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