This country really has political problems. But, if you plan to go to Iran, just do it, for tourists it is harmless. You are in no danger at all as long as you don’t behave totally dumb. And believe me, this country is worth visiting. I must admit, I have no idea about politics. But a chat with two locals of Esfahan woke me up a little. I heard of many people that they are not happy with the situation. But the pressure on the people is like in China, maybe with the islam faith it is even worse here. That doesn’t mean that I think the muslim faith is wrong, not at all. The opposite is the case, what I have read up to now this faith has quite nice guidelines.
The great family I could stay in north Iran even tried to convert me.

I think the problem is how the government is using the faith to restrict the people is awful.
It starts with simple restrictions. Like you can’t get alcohol legally. You have to wear long pants, the scarf to hide the hair of the women. But those things are peanuts in my opinion. That muslim guys can get arrested because they are walking and talking with women is awkward. One of those two guys was even arrested because he was walking around with his sister and they let him go again after it was proved that they were related. They have no idea what to do in the evening, no discos, no bars. But you still can spend the evening with watching one of the nice government approved TV channels. There is nothing better than a little propaganda before going to bed. These guys and many others would give almost anything to get out of this country. And not only guys, many women in Esfahan are looking for a western husband to bring them out of the country. The human right to believe in whatever you want is not given here. It looks like the gov-ernment is trying everything to keep the mind of the people blindfolded. Iran is evil, this said by a former american president. Such speeches and also the money embargo against Iran are good examples used to show Iran people that the USA and other westerns are hating them. Although these circumstances, the people here are great, hospital and friendly. I spent many nights outdoors, in the desert, near the street or even in the middle of Tehran and was never robbed or attacked. It’s not that
I recommend anyone to wild camp here, but I did it and had no problems.

Quite often you get invitations to stay at somebody’s home as well. One time I stayed at
a place a bit too dodgy and I was picked up by a guy and I stayed at his home for more than three days. I even got invited to spend one feast during ramadan with his family. Two days ago was an official day for demonstrations, but you are not allowed to demonstrate against the government. But because of fear of new revolts they just cut off the whole Internet
in the country.

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