I still keep rolling. And I really have a damn good time :) In about three days we will head to the more dangerous part of my trip. The ride through the desert along the border of Pakistan.

From Bam, near the Iran Border everyone gets an armed escort to the border. And most of the time after the border one as well until Quetta and maybe further, depends on the way you take. I did not want those guys accompany me alone and found Bernhard from Austria. An amazing person who is going the same way and is for this part of the trip up for a partner as well. You can find his page and also more nice photos on: bernhardaufreisen.blogspot.com He is doing his trip a bit more professional than I. A bike, everything fixed kinda perfect with care. He has everything with him, his bike weights 400 kg. (mine about 200 kg ;) ) I already spent some nice days chatting and playing chess with him and I guess we get along quite well. A friendly guy with imagination, experience and calmness. In Turkey I already thought of booking a flight back in January from Thailand, but fuck it, I don’t have to limit me already. Maybe I find a job and can get some money and stay longer wherever. And the countries are getting cheaper, for all the nights I spent in guesthouses and hotels in Iran I had to pay 63 Euros overall and I am over two weeks now in Iran :) I got a multiple entry visa for India that means I will go to Nepal! And it’s the plan as well to extend my India visa a little. Later I catch up with Zeke and Lucian in Vietnam in December. Bike is still running well, break plates of the front tire, the tires itself and the oil filter will somewhen be a problem. I intend to ship it somehow from India to Malaysia, but I don’t know yet.

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