«Run to the hills run for your life … »

by Iron Maiden

Daylight the dark

— Life feels bitter. Long time ago since I felt so bad. You can hurt yourself, you can hate yourself, but it doesn’t help at all. It doesn’t matter. So fuck it, life goes on, there is no way around it. As long you’re not feeling alive what is life good for? It was
your own decision. You can feel it’s how it should be and the right way but it still hurts.
Run, run for your life, the world passing by. Suppression through traveling works someone said, I guess I got to go further, got to move on.

Black then white are all I see in my infancy. Red and yellow then came to be, reaching out to me, lets me see. There is so much more and it beckons me to look though to these, infinite possibilities. As below so above and beyond I imagine, drawn outside the lines of reason. by Tool Lateralus

Just a remark, it’s kinda hard to feel good all the time, as long as the good part outweights — no worries :)

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