I visited Lisa in south Germany (Allgäu) and I used the time there to finish those things I wasn’t able to back home, like buying shoes ’cause I found out that I needed some for the time while I wasn’t travelling. Spent a nice week there, thx Lisa, Lena, Franzi and Moritz!
On a nice day we decided to go climbing. We planed an about 8 pitches climb on the mountain Hochwiesler, kinda easy stuff, the route was called “Via Anita”. The recom–
mendation came from her brother but he said that he stuck there during rappelling and wasn’t able to get the rope down, but the climb itself sounded good. With the help of google we found a topo and the info how to get there. As you would expect on a Saturday with nice weather there were “thousands” of people. After 700 altimeter up the hill to the crack we placed ourself in the queue to Via Anita. I fighted my own tug of war on the second pitch ’cause the first one was so short I took the two at once and generated a heavy rope tension. As you can imagine I was kinda “glad” to receive the info from a mountain guide that I shouldn’t have done that — I would have never been able to reach this conclusion by myself. Anyway, we climbed further, waiting, climbing, waiting climbing … and finally we were up there! I guess I will never learn to think about the important things in advance, like this time — how to get back down. There was no way to rappel down the way we climbed up over all the crowds. We heard about a rappelling place but we were damn lucky that we didn’t just go there and started going down. Some nice people gave us a topo over the whole crack and we saw that the rappel pitch was about 45 m. We only had a 70 m with us, and it was over–
hanging we would have just hanged there in the air after 35 m. We could have rappelled with the others but I hate to use other people’s assistance when it was my own fault, so we had to find another solution. On the other side of the mountain I lowered Lisa to a snow field, she called up that it was damn steep, but from up there, it wasn’t looking too bad. I lowered her the 70 meters but I only got the half of it. When I was down at the snow field as well I had to admit that it was damn steep. Especially when you’re walking on it with the rubber sport climbing shoes, one false step and you would have slipped down straight into a field of rocks. We both reached safe and dry grounds after a while, with damn wet and frozen feet. And the same way we had to walk the whole way around the mountains back to our stuff.

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