I reached Istanbul and therefore I guess I reached a point where I really have to start making plans, timetables — organize myself a little more. I will have to stay in the city until I solved
my visas. Fighting for my visas. It’s sometimes amazing how things are working out. I went into a internet cafe where it was possible to print out documents for printing my visa applications. The guy who was running the place had no problems of understanding english just the speaking was more or less not possible at all. And another guy who was just
hanging around there translated his turkish. He said that I just call him Falcon, I guess his name was kinda too difficult to spell otherwise. Falcon was quite interested in my plans and tried to give me loads of tips already. Falcon knows quite a lot ’cause he used to work in a travel agency even though he worked in the field of immigration he knows people from travel agencies who might be able to help me acquire some of the problematic visas. (Working area Immi-gration — kinda nice job because he got loads of permissions to work and live in different countries.) What I’ve learnt by now is that I don’t need any visa for Georgia, just go there and pass the border, maybe got to pay a small fee. Nice, already another place to go :). In my opinion traveling should be allowed through the whole world! The mankind was born into the world. It’s not the world who was created by mankind. I understand that the creation of property was unavoidable through the developing of mankind. But as a traveler you just passing something, as long as you don’t fuck the place up you should be allowed to trespass even the place is owned by somebody. I fight for my right to visas!

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