I found a climbing partner in Trabzon, but he already was on a tour. To catch up with him
I had to drive in one day from Kayseri to Trabzon. Just a few hundred klicks. I was quite tired and decided to sleep a few klicks out of a town called Zara. It was quite a windy night and in my unprotected hangmat was it quite cool. I got back on the bike as soon as the sun woke me up. There were two ways to get to the black sea cost. A shorter and a longer one.
The shorter goes over a pass of 2200 m and the longer over 1500 m. I decided to take the shorter way. As usual —  my short cut was a long one. I rode over the mountain path and as soon as I got to the other side it was cloudy and started to drizzle. The drizzle changed quite fast to rain and fog. It was freezing cold and because of the mountain road and the mist I had to ride quite slow. The “short cut” was 100 km long, I had about 3 hours for it. When I reached the first bigger village I went for breakfast. I stumbled off the bike, my clothes were soaked and I was frozen thorough and hardly able to walk. The clouds were getting thin and the sun came through. After a big chai and some nice bread thing, I was able to moved again. Soon I realized that the weather was much worse there before. The valley has got hit by a storm. At many places the road was flooded, whole parts of the way was blocked by earth or big stones. The villages were hit by the floods as well. Many people were at work to remove all the mud in the streets and ground floors. I and many others had to turn around because a river which went over the street was blocking the way. Instead of the big usual road the traffic tried to press through a mud street which was only thought for one line not two. And the gendarmerie with their machine guns who tried to sort the whole thing out were of no help, I guess. It was kinda funny to watch the people there proceed. Everything worked pretty slow. But it did not matter because I couldn’t catch my friend anyway. I was unable to find the village he told me. (Google Earth and my map had no real idea about it.)

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