Today i achived quite a big goal of my own —

ever since i started climbing i always had the goal in mind to climb a mountain after just looking at it. Well today i achived that goal. I knew from the first sight of cerro solo that i would have to climb him. he was standing there really bold with his glaciar on top — and i just knew. So i looked for a way up.   Just to make sure i wouldn't end up in a very uncomfortable situation up there i consulted the internet and asked around town to double check how far i would be off with the route i chose. turns out i just chose the classic route up the mountain. and bruno even explained to me that i should wait 3 days of good weather before i start climbing, so i wouldn't get into any avalanches. that's more information i hoped for and i was all set to climb cerro solo.

«during the climb it felt just right. like i'm at the right place at the right time.»

i didn't make it to the summit till sunrise. but while the sun was rising and i was on the big snowfield, the sun lit everything around me in red and it was beautiful. once at the top i un- packed my camera to have a look from the summit and the only words i have to describe it is mind blowing! there is so many glaciers and peaks, i mean peaks one after another till the horizon and further. incredible! on the hike back down to el chalten i had a big emptiness in me — a calmness with slight breeze of happiness that let me enjoy the here and now as never before. and it took me quite a while to realize that i just reached a bigger goal then i originally thought. cerro solo — free solo! P.S. — there is a whole roll of film but i need to get them developed first to be able to share.

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