«This mountains
of patagonia are exremely shy!»

We have been waiting here in el chalten for quite a while. It is cold. Sometimes it is wet. But most of the time it's extremely windy. There is Sun and there is the big white wall — where the big ones are hiding. We did the hike to the "de angostini" camp cause our experience with swiss weather told us that it's gonna be good, and a local mountain guide confirmed so too. But there is no chance to predict the weather down here. There is a weatherforcast site that kinda works. But then it's again more like gambleing.

We got to see the Cerro Solo, which is really impressiv. You walk towards the lagune the torre and you have this massiv mountains next to you. But then you still didn't see the real player! And you can only imagine.

The weather turned bad and snow came. So we decided to go back, to a place more confortable then our little tent. A place with coffee, normal food and hot shower.

Then the next day out of the blue, Fitz Roy is in the mood to come out and play. And you realize your imagination was so far of, that you are left standing there with a droped jaw. Your mouth filled with the sand the wind carries. And almost, almost you forget to take a picture.

Then the wait again. You wait till the wind turns and there is a chance for an other good weather window to open up. There is a sweet bitterness in the waiting, which is best enjoyed with the freshly made chocolate from the local chocolate factory. yammmy!

Good for us is that we are not here to climb this mountains, at least not this time.. Which leaves us to do plenty of other activities, like a "sunntigs spaziergang" - strolling around on sundays, being sick in bed, some sportclimbing or bouldering!

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