Paul is on a big mission, he's biking from Alaska to Ushuaia on the PanAmerican Highway, with his bicycle! And the question of why he's just answering with: Well why not by bike?
I mean it's the perfect speed to travel in. If you use a car you're most of the times to fast and you don't get to see as much, and if you walk you basically never get there.

Usually it takes people about 18 months, cause of some hang ups and some side trips he's been on the road for two and half a year now. And still a few klicks to go..

«You know, now that
I get so close to the end of my trip — I'm actually panicking a bit, I don't know anymore what's coming next.»

I'm know there is already a new seed of an idea growing inside his mind. So don't worry Paul and good luck with that! And thanks for the inspiration.

You can read more about Pauls travel on He's currently collecting money for the National Kidney Foundation, so a good cause!

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