This dude at the harbour talked me into giving some advise to his sister, since she’s going to Switzerland to study.

Arriving at their place, his sister wasn’t home yet, so I met the dudes uncle, whose a card giver in a casino on a big cruise ship. To kill some time he showed me how to play Black Jack. With a little finger trick he showed me what cards the bank has so I could come to the casino and we would rip off some cash — 50:50 split.

«That was the moment I knew I have to
get the fuck out of there!»

Next thing I know — the doorbell rings and in comes this Chinese guy that want’s to play Black Jack. I try to have an excuse not to play, but they only place this big dude next to me and tell me to play.

Final cards — Chinese Guy: 20 Me: 21, my depth with the bank 55’000 $ and before showing the cards he want’s proof that I’m good for my depth to match his 60’000 $ that are laying on the table — cash! While trying to organize the money, at all time supervised by the big dude,
I was able to slip out and get lost in the crowed. Back to my room and straight to the airport! To some save ground.

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