Well save and sound I arrived in Sydney, but since I had to chancel my credit card and they took all my cash in Hong Kong I’m left with what is 550 sFr. And I have to save 50 for the ferry in 3 months, to get to Sven, who’s gonna bring me a new card and some cash.

«Well what to do? Let’s skate to Melbourne, it’s only about 2500 klicks!»

And the cool thing is the Australians let you skate about anywhere — highway, motorway, freeway what ever no one cares. The only problem is those freaking Roadtrains!
One of these passes you and the wind blow tailing it almost knocks you off the board.

On my 3rd day the road started getting super rough only about 200 klicks out of Sydney,
so I decided to start hitch hiking. But when ever the road would turn smooth again I told the driver to let me out so I could skate — Man, you should have seen their faces!

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